Wairakei Primary School is serviced by school buses. Nimon Bus Service are our providers to transport the children to and from school.

We have several routes covering the rural and town areas. Our children often have early starts to their school day and we are lucky that Nimon provides well-serviced buses along these routes.

  • Aratiatia bus. Town to Wairakei Primary School. This is the Aratiatia bus. This leaves from the Hockey Park at 7.15 a.m., following Broadlands Road, View Road, Aratiatia Road, up State Highway 5 to a turn - around at Big Rock Park and back down to Wairakei Primary School. The return trip leaves school at 3.40p.m. up State Highway 5 to Big Rock, turn-around and back to Aratiatia Road, and back to town arriving at the Hockey Park at 4.45pm.

  • Palmer Mill bus. A service which travels to and from school picking up students along Palmer Mill road. This bus continues into town after dropping Wairakei students at school.

  • State Highway 1 Bus which services State Highway 1, up to the Tram Road intersection. The morning run starts at Tram Road at 7.30a.m. and comes back down State Highway 1 to Wairakei Primary School. The afternoon bus run leaving school at 4pm run does the reverse ending at Tram Road. This also does pick up’s and drop off’s at Tutukau Road and children along State Highway 1.

  • Wairakei Junior bus. The Wairakei Junior morning bus, services the children on Tuingamata Road, Oruanui Road to the Forest Road intersection turns around at Ridgetop Road and back along Oruanui Road to the Saleyards where the children then get on the Wairakei bus from Kinloch. The changeover at the sale yards is at 7.50-8.am in the mornings and around 3.45-3.50 in the afternoons.

  • Kinloch bus. The Wairakei Bus from Kinloch picks up students from Kinloch Village and travels along Whangamata Road and down Poihipi Road to the saleyards where it picks up the WPS Junior Bus students and onto the school. The reverse happens in the afternoons.

  • The Acacia Bay/Tirohanga Junior bus leaves town from the Nukuhau Shops at 7.35a.m and travels  Acacia Bay Road and stops at Beasley Place at 7.45a.m. into  Mapara Road onto Poihipi Road and meets the transferring buses at the saleyards. The return bus drops off at Beasley Place at 4.15pm and the Nukuhau shops at 4.20p.m.

Our school prides itself on providing bus buddies for new children starting school. Our 5-year-olds are placed with a bus buddy who travels on the same bus as them to help look after them and ensure they become safe travellers. We have our Year 6 bus monitors on each bus route who also help look after our students.

The Nimon bus drivers get to know the children on their bus routes and always give a cheery hello when they board the buses.

Please see the attached map which shows you the bus routes to and from Wairakei Primary School. Please note maps are approximations. Check with the Bus Controller for accurate maps.

Bus Routes

Aratiatia Bus Route

Palmer Mill to Wairakei village bus called Palmer Mill 

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2090 Tirohanga Junior Bus Route. 

Nukuhau to Wairakei village. Bus called Tirohanga/ Acacia  Bay

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2086 Kinloch to Wairakei  Bus called Wairakei Bus.

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2262 Oruanui Bus Route

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2256 Maroa road to Wairakei Bus called State Highway One

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Please find the latest information regarding Wairakei Primary School bus service

Please check your eligibility criteria by contacting the bus controller or office manager. Other students not eligible for school transport assistance are entitled to use the service by paying a fare. Tags can be purchased directly from the school office. For further information about our buses, please contact

Marie Woolnough or Office Manager, Val Mansfield