A thank you from an Ironman

Just before morning tea on Monday, Room 5 had a visit from some special guests. It was Ironman Craig and his biggest supporter, Heather.

Craig had finished the Ironman for the first time on Saturday and he wanted to share his story. We were in awe of having a visit from a true Ironman.

Craig explained that he had received one of the support letters that we wrote to encourage the competitors. His letter was from Amy. Craig told us that the letter had truly inspired him and that he is even going to frame it and put it on his wall! Craig let Amy wear his Ironman medal and even a gave a gift of the Tree of Life. It is a necklace.

Craig reminded us to stay fit and healthy all through our lives. Craig is now 61 and ten years ago he had a heart bypass operation. Now he is much healthier and he really inspired us with the story of his journey to Ironman. Craig told Amy he wants to see her on the Ironman course one day!

Many thanks for your visit, Craig and Heather. We were delighted to meet you and excited that we could make a small difference to you on your journey.


Amy enjoyed meeting Craig


Craig was touched by the letter


Craig advised us all to keep fit and healthy


Future Ironwoman Amy models the medal


Amy_s letter to Craig

You can see some of the other letters we wrote in this blog entry.

04 Future Ironwoman Amy models the medal