Art and Maths in Room 13

We are learning to create art using a variety of art techniques. We have also read about some famous artists.


Practising concentric circles


Our Art Experts

One artist we have read about is Wassily Kandinsky who was a Russian artist, Kandinsky was a gifted artist who could ‘hear’ the colours of his paint box. We really enjoyed listening to the story, The Noisy Paintbox. Kandinsky is also famous because he was one of the first artists that experimented with painting pictures using shapes. He became bored painting people and landscapes. His form of art became known as Abstract Art.

In our class, we looked at some famous art forms of Kandinsky’s known as Kandinsky Circles. We are learning about geometry and shapes in maths, Kandinsky Circles are concentric circles.


Dying the finished circles


Finished Kandinsky Circles

Part of our learning was practising drawing one circle around another circle, and repeating this 4 or 5 times using different colours. We needed to use our hand muscles well to ensure we made our colours bold enough so that they would stand out when we dyed over the top of them.

Our practice art also included us practising folding our paper into half and then into half again, forming quarters. We drew a circle inside each quarter.



For our final art pieces we were able to choose how many circles we drew although we still needed to use 4 or 5 different colours. We then chose to use 1 or 2 different coloured dyes to complete the art.

We are very proud of our art.

4. Dying the finished circles