Autumn Tree Pride

Mark Making - Making a Mark

Te Huka Collaborative Visual Art

Learning Objective:

Our visual arts focus is to develop our students fine motor skills by learning a variety of visual arts skill so that they can create work they are proud of.

Overlapping Autumn Tree Collage

We/I are/am learning how to (WALHT) follow instructions to complete different art techniques to create an overlapping Autumn tree collage.

Step 1


Cut a wavy pattern across the green card to create the hills. Glue this at the bottom of your blue card. Put your name in pencil on the back.

Step 2


Using Autumnal colours of red, orange and yellow cut circle and oval shapes of different sizes. With a black vivid draw a centre line down the middle of each shape. This will become the tree trunk. From the centre line create different tree design that full the circle or oval shape. Try to create at least 8 trees - remember more trees will look better than fewer.

Step 3

Lay your trees onto your background. Think carefully how you position your trees. Bigger trees will work best at the back, smaller trees at the front. Try to overlap your trees to make your collage look like it has depth. Finally, extend the tree trunk line into your background with a black vivid. This will connect your collage pieces.

I liked doing the collage.  My favourite part was making it with Mrs Sprague.  Te Omeka

I found cutting the waving grass tricky. I did it like a hill. Daniel

I liked doing the stick design on the trees. First we had to draw a line down the middle of our tree shape and then do different design.  Eden

The colours we used of red, orange and yellow were from Autumn.  Bella


Emma's even has a sun in the sky

I found it hard to cut out the tree shapes. Emma D


Kenzie showing excellence

We had to put the big trees at the back and the small trees at the front.  Kenzie

Some of us needed help to cut some of our circles.  We found drawing an oval or round shape with a pencil helped us get the shape right.  Daniel


Excellent work Ari

I found cutting out the wavy grass fun .  Ari


Another amazing artist


Beautiful work


Great job Eden


Great overlapping Bella


Great tree designs


Jessie showing pride


Kiara showing pride


Love the large trees at the back and small at the front


Maddox is proud on the inside


The smile of a proud artist


Tui's art work is looking great


Very nice work


Well done Hope

Love the large trees at the back and small at the front