Badminton Room 8

Health & Physical Education: How to get better at Badminton?

Room 8 students were developing and applying rules and practices in badminton games and activities to promote fair, safe, and appropriate participation for all.

We were taught skills to help us balance our shuttle on our racket. Our coach also showed us how to use our racket properly and we played games to hit our shuttle into a large plastic bucket. When balancing our shuttle we had to move around the hall while doing this and we also had to look out for our classmates so we didn’t bump into them or knock them over.

It showed that we could play badminton although we hadn’t played it before and our coach showed us a lot of skills. Charlotte

I enjoyed badminton because it was fun and I found that I could do it with some practice. Lizzie

Room 8 enjoyed this experience and were able to practice at balancing and hitting the shuttle for badminton.