Best ways to improve handwriting

Room 3 is spending time developing our muscles in our hands and wrists.

WHY? Our goal is to improve our handwriting so it becomes legible and that we can write for a longer period of time without getting a sore hand. Mrs Forrest introduced us to some cool hands-on tasks and we were super excited about playing with these. The activities cater for everyone's interests -- knitting and crochet, loom band bracelets, puzzles -- which not only develops our fine motor skill, it's a lot of thinking as well.

Creating a Roller Coaster Marble Circuit - STEM challenge, 3D maze challenges, you need a steady hand for this one, and so much more. We are excited to see how we improve. 


Iron on beads pick up and put on index finger and thumb


Jayda Jasimyn and Navaehion on beads


Ezra winding string around a bracelet


Eve and Jess threading beads to make a bracelet


The boys creating a Sailing Yacht out of Legon Technic


Chess look at the concerntration


girls loved making bracelets


great fine motor skill develop while having fun


Finnley and Lucas making loom band bracelets


Building a rubber band racer


Putting together the marble run circuit

1. Iron on beads creating design patterns pick up and put on index finger and thumb