Casey the Caterpillar

Casey the Caterpillar is a handwriting programme that we follow in Room 14.

The programme is based on a story about Casey the Caterpillar who hatches out of an egg and meets lots of different things or shapes in her journey to become a butterfly. From Casey and the things and shapes she meets on her journey, the children learn a memorable, visual code that supports the correct formation and direction of letters.

We focus on the formation of lowercase letters because these are the letter we use most often and because they are the trickiest to form correctly.  

We make connections between letters that start with the same shape..  For example c, o, a,d, g and q all start with a c shape that we call Casey’s open mouth.  We can group h, n and m together because these letters all have a tunnel shape in them. And j, y and g all have a possum tail shape that hangs below the line.  We talk about tall sticks and short sticks and how when we write them they always have to go “down to the branch” which is how we remind ourselves to always start at the top of the line or the middle of a line when we write a letter.  

We think Casey the Caterpillar is a fun programme that helps us learn.  

Guess what? Some of the senior classes have been borrowing our book and learning this programme too.  Pretty cool!

Student Voice

I know a, g, d and q all start with a c shape.  Emma D


Emma D is trying very hard to get her letters to sit on the line

I know o stars with Casey’s open mouth or a c.  Emma G

I know u and y both start with a cup shape.  Liam

I know that f is the shape of the feeler on the butterfly.  Bella


Bella and her letters that start with a c

I like doing handwriting in my book because it is fun.  Kiara


Kiara showing pride

I know b, l, t, h and k all start with a tall stick.  Daniel


Daniel practising

I know that j g and y all have possum tails.  Tui

I know that you make a g by open mouth, close it up and then a possum tail.  Eden


Eden practising letters that start with a c shape

I know n h and m all have tunnels in them.  Lachlan


Lachlan is nearly finished

My handwriting goal are to keep my letter on the lines and to use finger spaces.  Emma

My goal is to make sure my q flicks up to the right side.  Lachaln


Ari doing her shape warm up


Macey the right handed twin working hard


Maxwell showing excellence


Stacy doing a shape warm up


Tori the left handed twin is working hard


Wow Kenzie what amazing work


Zahn practising the different shapes that make our letters

The Casey the Caterpillar story