Caterpillar Challenge

We kicked off with a challenge in Room 1 We watched a video about children creating and racing newspaper caterpillars and we thought we could give it a go.

Doing a challenge is like setting a goal. Our materials were lots of newspaper, lots of rolls of masking tape, and scissors. We knew we couldn’t give up - this is part of a growth mindset. If something went wrong, we could fix it and make repairs. We knew that we would have to work together by talking and listening to our buddies. And we knew we would have to practise before we could race.



This task allowed us to work on our fine motor skills - small movements that occur in our hands and fingers - by cutting and taping. It also supported the development of our gross motor skills as coordination of our arms and legs in time with others was required.




Thinking and Participating and Contributing were the Key Competencies being fostered. It was interesting to hear all the different ideas about how to make the paper strong with the tape.




Elliot had a good strategy: We put tape all along the outside of the newspaper - see how strong it is. It only broke because that was the part where we didn’t put the extra tape because we didn’t have time.


Finn: I’m the repair man.

Adam: I’m the cutting person. Adam also showed us all how to carry scissors safely.

Chelsea: We can go backwards!

There was one very disappointing moment during our challenge. Unfortunately, after we had done our practising in the hall, all our caterpillars went missing. We think the classroom cleaners may have mistaken them for rubbish. So we had no caterpillars. We had a big decision to make. Should we give up? Should we remake them? Five groups decided to remake them but it was hard to do it on time. In the end, two groups were prepared for the final race - the Ocelots (Finn, Riley, Adam and Harry) and the Gucci Pigs (Elliot, Baylee and Max). It was very exciting and, in the end, the Gucci Pigs’ design idea of reinforcing the edges allowed them to win the race. We found it interesting that the second time we made them, we had new ideas about how to make the caterpillars even stronger.




View a video of some of the action.


Keywords: Minute to Win It, Technology

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