Celebrating our Thailand Inquiry- Push Pin in Room 6

In Room 6, we have been learning all about life in Thailand and comparing it with life in New Zealand for our school wide ‘Push Pin’ inquiry.  

We each have a pen pal at Concordian International School in Bangkok, and we have all written letters to them asking questions about life in Thailand. They sent us replies and asked us about life in New Zealand. We made video replies for them and they have made slide shows and artwork for us. We have sent Christmas cards to each other too. It has been interesting to compare our life with someone the same age in another part of the world.


Ahnika and Ciana show the Christmas cards from their Thai buddies


Christmas cards from Thai buddies

We have also learnt about Thailand from some of our own students. Carly brought in photos of her trip to Thailand and also showed us Thai money. Sol showed us a video from his Youtube channel about Thai elephants.  Learning from each other was fantastic.


Carly showing Thai baht


Carly showing her photos of Thailand


ol showing us his video

Other learning was through reading books, researching online, watching videos, and visiting a Thai restaurant. You can read about more about our ‘Trip to Thailand’ here.  After our trip we made travel brochures on Book Creator, sharing information that we thought was essential for anyone visiting Thailand. We enjoyed sharing the cultural taboos that we had learned on our trip, such as not to eat with your left hand, never to eat everything on your plate, not to sit with your feet pointing towards someone, and not to give yellow flowers to people. Learning these things has given us a much better understanding of what ‘culture’ means. We suddenly understood that things like how we eat and how we sit are part of our culture.


Xavier travel brochure


Halo travel brochure


Hannah travel brochure

Our school celebration day was a fantastic chance for us to share the learning that we had done about Thailand during the ‘Push Pin’ inquiry unit.  Each of us chose one area that we would like to investigate further and then share on the day. There were posters made about Thai food, Thai schools, Thai dance, Muay Thai, the Thai flag, facts about Thailand, and Thai animals.  


Ahnika and Ciana poster


Mitchell poster


Arion and Wiremu poster


Aidan poster


Carly poster


Daisy poster

Mrs Thompson even brought in clothes from South East Asian countries for some of us to wear for the celebration.


Elizabeth Lucy and Carly dressed up


Xavier dressed up


Girls dressed up

Lucy is a passionate and talented dancer. She found a Thai dance on Youtube that we could all perform. Along with Elizabeth, she led the whole class in learning and practising it. We all performed it for the other students and our whanau.


Thai dance 1


Thai dance 2


Thai dance 3

Watch our Thai dance videos here

Mahlek, Harrison and Bobby made a Thai flag to put up.  They taught us what the colours on it meant.


Bobby and Mahlek with their Thai Flag


Harrison and Bobby teach us about the Thai flag

Halo learns muay Thai, which we discovered is the national sport of Thailand. She and Natalie (who does boxing) researched more about this. They decided to put on a demonstration for everyone at the celebration day. First, they both learnt a special dance that is performed before a bout. This is to honour the coach and family of the fighters. They each performed this wearing their version of the traditional headbands that they had made from paper to wear. After the dance, they talked about muay Thai and then demonstrated some of the techniques. It was very impressive and had the crowd enthralled.


Halo showing a muay thai kick


Natalie with the muay thai headband she made


Muay Thai with Natalie and Halo 2


Muay Thai with Natalie and Halo 2


Muay Thai dance with Natalie and Halo

Watch our muay Thai dance here

Ty set up an area for people to have a go at a traditional Thai sport call takraw. We used authentic takraw balls that Mrs Thompson had bought when she visited Thailand.



We also shared our Book Creator travel brochures, photos of our trip to Thailand, our letters to and from our Thai pen pals, and our Thai art. It was a great day. We enjoyed sharing our learning with our friends and whanau. Hopefully, they all learnt something about Thailand as they passed through our class.


Mahlek s Thai art

Girls dressed up 2