Epro8 Challenge

We've has started with a bang. We have talked a lot about the opportunities in offer at Wairakei Primary School and how to get involved.

One opportunity is to join our Epro8 teams. Epro8 is a technology-based challenge that is available to all primary and intermediate schools in New Zealand. The competition is about problem-solving and engineering solutions to overcome a problem. This week we had our first taste of some of the tasks and what a range of solutions we had.


The task was to make a Rock Band from bamboo sticks, tape, and balloons. You can imagine the amount of discussion this produced. Especially when you had to be at least 5 meters away from your instrument when you ‘played’ it.


We definitely have some great leaders and others who are out of the box thinkers, a great combination for the competition. Due to the popularity of the Epro8 taster, we will be running some lunchtime workshops before and after the event so more people can experience what it is all about. Keep an eye on Seesaw for some updates and examples of what we are doing or click here for some fun interactive electrical circuit challenges on the Epro8 website.


IMG 5403