Exploring Our Senses

In Room 4 Chrissy-Lee and Nathan have been participating in fun activities during our reading time. They have been reading stories about their senses – feeling, tasting and smelling.

Chrissy-Lee and Nathan first read a story with Jacqui about sweet and sour tastes. Jacqui then found some interesting things from her pantry for Chrissy-Lee and Nathan to taste. They had to put their skills to the test. First, they were blindfolded. They were allowed to smell the items and take a guess at what it was but they also had to taste it and decide if it was: sweet, sour, nice or yucky.  They were both very brave.


Once they had decided on how it tasted, Jacqui wrote down the adjectives they used.  Some things were really smelly – like the sardines! Nathan and Chrissy-Lee then had to put those adjectives into sentences.


I liked the jelly, it was wibbly and wobbly Chrissy-Lee

The sardines were really yummy, they were slippery and slimy and I ate the whole tin Nathan

The next story they read was about touch.  They had to feel objects and describe what they felt like. Jacqui made a box at home to put things in. There were 2 holes—one end was for placing the objects in—the other was for their hands to go in to feel the object. Chrissy-Lee and Nathan could not see what was going into the box.



Chrissy-Lee and Nathan had to tell us some describing words about what they were feeling.  Holly helped out by writing these words down for us to use later.

The wool was soft and stretchy, it felt nice Chrissy-Lee

The glove was smooth and rubbery Nathan


photo 2