Fun Facts for Basic Facts

We have had a real focus on our remembering our Basic Facts. Becoming confident when recalling our basic facts can help us in all other areas of Mathematics.

e.g. Measurement: when working out the perimeter of a square I can multiply the sides by 4. If one side of the square is 6 cm, the equation I can do is 6 x 4 = 24 so the perimeter of the square is 24 cm.  

We have tried a variety of methods to help us remember. Flashcards, Basic fact booklet,  Mathletics live, Basic fact grids, Time Table families.


Mathematics Basic Facts Using Materials


Mathematics Basic Facts Booklet

Number Knowledge AO: Know basic multiplication and division facts

Use the commutative property, e.g. 4 × 6 = 6 × 4

We looked at the different ways that multiplication can be recorded. Did you know that 6 x 4 is the same as 4 x 6? I can also be represented by having 4 dice with the 6 dots showing or a  grid that is 6 square by 4 squares. It was amazing to see how many different ways this timetable could be represented.


Mathematics Basic Facts Family Collaboration


Mathematics Collaboration Success

Nikau - I was doing a maths puzzle with a number that I had to match to a picture. I found this fun because I was able to see the pictures on the cards and match them.


Mathematics Visualising Using Materials Jasimyn


Mathematics Basic Facts Nikau

Adam -  Learning maths in a group is easier when you are trying to communicate and learn with others in your class.

Learning our times' table together allowed us to problem solve together. We learned that we see things differently, some of us read number equations really well and others interpret the picture well.

Curriculum Objectives for level 3 - Equations and Expressions AO1: Record and interpret additive and simple multiplicative strategies, using words, diagrams, and symbols, with an understanding of equality.  


Mathematics Flash Cards Times Table Team Work

Amelia - We were matching the number cards with the picture cards. I found this easy and hard at the same time. Hard because I really had to try and work out what was correct and easy because we were working together as a team.


Mathematics Basic Facts Conversation

Jasimyn - I knew that 3 x 6 = 18, so i put the counters into 3 groups of 6

Keywords:  Basic Facts, Grid, Times Tables, Patterns, Memory, Confidence

Mathematics Basic Facts Conversation 9