Get NZ Writing

A medium sized blue box arrived in Room 2.

This was the start of our 'Look Through the Window'. The idea was simple. What can we tell our partner school about us using our descriptive writing skills?


We investigated what we could see, how we can describe it and what is in our local community. We needed to tell our buddy school in Wanganui some facts about us, some local history and what is in our area.


Next, we investigated metaphors and how to use them. This generated some amazing learning outcomes for the kids. Most of our students took a while to grasp what a metaphor is and how it is different to a simile. However, when they did there was no stopping them.


Included in the pack were 32 postcards which make up a poster that our buddy school will put together. On the back of each postcard, we have written a metaphor in the style of Iain Sharp.


Our package arrived from our partner school Manaia View School in Whangarei. It was great to see how they interpreted and displayed their learning. Thanks, Manaia View.



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