Hockey Taster

Today Room 14 got to have a go at hockey. Wendy, from the Taupo Hockey Club, came to teach us some hockey skills.  

Here some of the things we learnt: 

First, we learnt to have the right sized hockey stick it needs to come up to your belly button.  Mrs Sprague


Hockey sticks should come up to our belly button


Learning to hold out sticks the right way


Listening and ready for action 

Wendy taught us the hockey position and how to hold our hockey stick.  Emma G


Wendy showing us what to do


Left hand at the top, right hand at the bottom


Jessie ready to go 

To hold the hockey stick you put your left hands at the top of the stick and your right hand at the bottom.  Stacy


Maddox tapping the ball


Eden in the hockey position 

We learnt to tap the ball with our hockey sticks.  Te Omeka


Daniel tapping the ball

We had to remember to move our feet to stay with our hockey ball.  Kenzie

We did not have the right safety gear so we were not allowed to hit the ball. We need a mouth guard and shin pads to stay safe when we play real hockey. Ari

At the end of our session we played had a fun game of Rob the Nest. Eden, Jessie, Bella, Kiara, Ari, Tori, and Emma D won with 10 balls in their nest.



Ready for a game of Rob the Nest

The hockey session was lots of fun. Daniel and Lachlan liked tapping the ball with their hockey stick the best. At the end of the session, Wendy told us if we want to play more hockey we can learn hockey skills at the club in Term 4.

Eden in the hockey position2