How to build a bivvy.

Health and Physical Education Strand C: Relationships with other people. 

Level 2

Students will:

  • demonstrate ways of maintaining and enhancing relationships between individuals and within groups

Level 3

Students will:

  • identify and compare ways of establishing relationships and managing changing relationships

Walht; work together to build a shelter that is able to protect us from the elements. 

We have been working in groups to build a shelter in the Gully. The shelter or bivvy was just the vehicle, the objective was to see if a group of people could work together to build a shelter that would protect them from the elements.

As with any group activity, there is always a leader. We discussed what a good leader looks like and how they would act. It was nice to see the students starting to recognise and respect that other people have opinions and they do count. Even if you don’t agree with them. 

Most of the students really enjoyed this activity, I was on hand to ask some questions and see what would happen if it didn’t work. It was great to see how the groups solved problems and worked to together when they realised their camp was built where all the water goes when it rains and everyone will get wet. 

The students learnt to tie knots that you can sting a rope between two trees and pull tight to create tension so the shelter will shed water. A valuable life skill I think. 








I liked working as a team and doing cool fun new things and learnt new skills. Me and my teammates made our camp by working together and using nice words. We could have improved on working together more to get everyone included and get more done. Mac B

Bivvies are a shelter that keeps you dry. After Mr Simm told us about bivvies we went into the gully with a little bit of rope and a tarp and started building. I have built a bivvy before but me and my group were bad at it but I liked the activity.  Chloe W

I think the bivvy was fun to make but I think we needed to work together because it got a bit hard towards the end. People walked off and left us to build it on our own. It was fun anyway. Donald

It was fun because we all worked as a team to build a giant camp. I learnt to tie new knots, make a tent and work as a team. Harrison. 

How to build a bivvy 9