In My Own Words

Driving question?  What have I got to say?

Key understandings:

  • I need to proofread and edit my writing so it makes sense to others.

  • I need to use different vocabulary and sentence types to make my writing interesting.

  • I can share my ideas in different ways.

Assessment - I can choose one of the following ways to present my information:

  • Pepeha

  • Perform an original poem

  • Limerick

  • Perform a poem to a rhythm

  • Rhythmic performance

  • Song with original lyrics

  • Speech

The Aratiatia Community performed a variety of performances on stage to show their learning around our term inquiry of ‘In My Own Words’. Some chose to say their pepehas, some chose to perform a skit and some chose to share their information in a powerpoint.









Keywords: slap poetry, cinquain, haiku, rap

inquiry Aratiatia 8