Issue #1 - Global Network Newspaper

Our school is a unique place. We enjoy sharing what is special about our school. Luckily, we were invited to be part of a ‘Global Network Newspaper’. This is a way to share information and events happening in our school and read about other schools around the world.


The online newspaper is run by Geoff Wood from Rosmini College in Auckland and is in its fourth year. It is part of our learning through VLNP - Virtual Learning Network Primary. Schools from around the world are participating, from countries such as South Africa and India.

Rosmini College

Video of Rosmini




Video of Bironkhal School



Gitanjali Devashray School

Tyler, Te Pou and Ihaka from Room 1 were keen to be involved. To write for a newspaper, they needed to become journalists and photographers. This is a tough and busy job. First, the boys took photos around the school. They had to learn digital camera skills, such as turning on the camera, taking a straight photo, and how to check the photo. It was also important to remember to ask for permission to take a person’s photo. The person can say yes or no. You can see the photos taken below.



The next step for the photographers is to make sure that the subject of the photo is clear and not too far away. This is called ‘zooming in’.

I like taking photos around the school. I went all around the school. - Tyler

I wanted to see Mrs Sprague but now it’s Mr Morehu’s class. I took their photo. - Te Pou

Te Pou was the main journalist for this issue. He was able to list the sports we play at our school and what makes our school special.

Te Pou said, The teachers are special. We have Power for Learning. It is Respect for Self, Others and Environment.



The next step for the student journalists is to work on editing and proof-reading - is the spelling right? This is really important for a newspaper because it is going to be read by a large audience.

Students writing the newspaper are showing some understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and this is a requirement of our English curriculum for Year 3/4 (Level 2) students. This is very different to writing a personal story. Students are learning to make appropriate choices around content and language, and recognising the difference between types of writing. We have Kiwi Kids News in our school - a New Zealand-based online newspaper just for kids. Exposing students to different types of text is a good way to differentiate between writing styles.

Keep an eye out for Issue #2.


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Curriculum links: English L2 - Writing - Structure - Show some understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes

2020 Term1 Aratiatia GlobalNewspaper 11