It's not just about swimming skills

Room 6 spent 2 weeks at the AC Baths for our annual swimming lessons which are sponsored by Contact energy.

Not only do we get to learn about technical swimming styles, we learnabout water safety. This is a vital component to our learning because we live next to one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Many of us spend time on the lake whether it be swimming, boating, water skiing, you name it we have these opportunities in our back door.


Life saving equipment Boating Thinking Safety First


Life saving equipment Thinking Safety First

Part of the Contact Swimming programme taught us life-saving skills when we are on the water.

  • We learned about the expected safety equipment that should be on boats, life jackets, flares, scoops whistles, fire extinguishers and so much more.
  • We learned how we can pull our buddies out of the water and into the boat they fall in.
  • We learned about to safely enter the water off a boat, swim together and huddle in a circle. This is so we can stay together and not drift away.

Life-Saving Technique Saving our Friends Life Jackets


Huddle Warmth Staying Together


Life-Saving Boating

Our year 6 group were fortunate enough to be able to put these skills we learned at the AC Baths into practice in the ocean. While on our year 6 camp we had an activity called Deep Sea Survival.  

Because of the skills were learned in the pool, we weren’t as scared of doing this in the ocean

I was scared at first because we were in the sea but it was fine.


Boating saving lives helping our friends


Raise your hand and yell HELP saving lives

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Boating saving lives helping our friends 6