Keeping Ourselves Safe

In Room 14, we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe. 

We were very lucky to have a visit from our Community Constable. It was exciting to have a real Police Officer, dressed in her police uniform, come into our classroom. Constable Tash came to teach us some important things to help keep us safe.  

Constable Tash taught us that our bodies belong only to us. She read us a story called My Underpants Rule. The message in the story was that what ‘s under our underpants belongs only to us and if anybody breaks that rule and touches us under our underpants we need to make a big fuss and tell a safe adult until someone listens to us.


Constable Tash reading to us

We talked about the only reasons for others to touch us under our underpants is if we are hurt (for example a nurse or doctor) or helping keep us clean (for example changing a baby's nappy).

She taught us the proper names of our private body parts.  We had a bit of a giggle about some of the nicknames we have at home for our private body parts.  But Constable Tash said we need to know the proper names because nicknames can be confusing.

The last thing Constable Tash talked to us about was touch.  We learnt about three different types of touch.

  • Touch we like
  • Touch we don’t like
  • Touch we find confusing

We learnt about strategies to deal with touch we don’t like and touch we find confusing.  Telling the person to “Stop it, I don’t like it” and telling a safe adult who we trust about the problem are important strategies.


Our visit from Constable Tash

My Underpants Rule make a big fuss if someone touches you under your under pants