Kite Day

Room 14 had a very special day when  Mathieu (Elliot’s dad) came to school to help our class make kites. We had been learning about flight so having an opportunity to make a kite was really great as we already had a strong interest in things that fly.

The kite that Mathieu helped us make was called a sled kite. This kite was designed in the 1950’s. We have talked about the era of the 1950’s quite a bit in Room 14 because that was the time we presented in our school production dance in Term 2.

On kite day we all went to the hall to work. We needed lots of space because the kites were pretty big and we got to make one each.  All together I think we made 26 kites. We made the kites out of large black rubbish bags, bamboo sticks, tape and fishing line for the string. Mathieu had made a pattern out of wood that we traced around with a silver pen on our big plastic bag. There were lots of things we could do ourselves and the adults helped put our kites together and tie the knots. The knots were pretty tricky for Mrs Sprague but she kept trying.

Winding up the string for the kite was fun. We had to run on the field with the fishing line and then wind it up tight.  Mathieu had made wooden handles for us to wind the line around.

Kite making took us all morning up to lunchtime. We all worked really hard. Just before lunch we got to go out on the field and try our kites out. Strangely enough, there was hardly any wind the day we made the kites but we could not believe how well they flew. We just had to run a bit to get them in the air and they were off. Everyone could get their kite flying it was such fun and such a success. The whole school came out to watch us fly our kites even Mrs Farquhar came and had a turn.

Watch our video here


Baylee drawing around the kite pattern with Tori and Ashe patiently waiting for their turn_


Declyn and Tori flying high


Eden with her string for her kite


Elliot and Lennox hard at work


Is it a bird_ Is it a plane_ No its one of Room 14 awesome kites!


Kites flying into the clouds


Mathieus, the kite master, tying knots


Max carefully cutting out his kite


Team work


The hall became a kite making factory for the day


Tyler carefully cuts out his kite


Up, up and away with Clare


Vincent with his string for his kite



Special thank you to Mitre 10 Mega Taupo for supplying the rubbish bags and bamboo. And Hunting and Fishing Taupo for supplying the fishing line which we used as the string.

And extra special thanks to Room 14’s amazing parents: Mathieu, Sam, Jo and Skyla who made this day possible.

Our kites flew amazingly and mine almost went on the hall roof.  By Blake

I let some juniors and seniors have a turn with my Kite and for their first try they all did very well.  By Clare

I got confused.  Was it a kite or a bird? By Elliot

I let some juniors have turns with my kite.  Everyone wanted to make one.  By Piper

My Kite was really beautiful and I got confused whether it was a bird or a plane or a kite.  By Lizzie

It took a little while to get the kite in the air but it was worth it because it flew really well.  By Max K

Elliot’s dad said our kites would not fly without the holes and i figured out the longer the string the higher the kite will fly.  By Max H

My kite flew really well and it got high up in the air.  By Tori

My kite flew nearly up to the clouds.  By Ashtin

Our kites always got tangled up but we learnt how to untangle them.  By Vincent.

Declyn and Tori flying high