Learning about the Water Cycle in Room 10 and 11

As part of the topic, ‘Systems’, Room 10 and 11 had a morning learning about the water cycle.  

We were joined by some children from Room 14, who enjoyed being leaders in our class for the day.

First we put coloured water in ziplock bags and taped them up in warm places in the classroom.  During the day, we saw ‘clouds’ form in the bags and then ‘rain’ run down the sides of the bag.  It was a good way for us to begin to understand the water cycle.


water cycle in a bag

Mrs Thompson brought a bag of snow to school.  We all felt how cold and hard it was. Then we made a little snowman and put him in the frying pan!  We predicted what might happen once the pan was turned on. We all predicted that he would melt and make a puddle.  When the pan was turned on, he did melt into a bubbling puddle.  As we watched the steam coming off the pan we talked about what it was.  Then we held the lid above the pan and caught some of the steam. When we felt it with our fingers we noticed it turn back into water. The big surprise was when our snowman completely disappeared. None of us had predicted that! There was not even any water left in the pan.  Where did he go to? This led to a good discussion about melting, evaporating, and condensing.


Stacy with snow


Snowman 2




Dali with snow


Where's it gone

After learning the words, condensation, evaporation, and precipitation, Mrs Drake taught us all a little song that used them.  We had lots of fun singing it and doing the actions.


Water cycle song

It was a fun morning in Room 10 and 11 learning about the water cycle.  We are looking forward to learning about more systems.


catching steam

catching steam2