Learning with Seesaw

The Te Huka team is using Seesaw to record and share what we are doing in our classrooms.

While the students are being creative and documenting their learning they are also using technology. Each student gets their own journal and will add things to it like, photos, drawings and notes. Parents will be invited to share this journal with their child.


Mrs Woodcock and Mrs Sprague.helping each other


Mrs Woodcock and Mrs Sprague giving clear instructions

The Te Huka Team got together so we could go over how to sign in to seesaw. Mrs Woodcock and Mrs Sprague gave clear instructions that even Mrs Jackson could understand. Then Evie and Lizzie volunteered to demonstrate to the group the activity that they would be doing.

1. Using the QR reader sign into seesaw

2. Open your journal

3. Push the add button

4. Get a buddy to take your photo

5. Record your name and the room you are in

Teachers will then approve the work before it is added to journals or shared with parents.


Lizzie is demonstrating how to take a photo


Evie is demonstrating how to record

It was great to see the students who have had experience with seesaw assisting those who had not. Te Huka is very excited about using Seesaw to document thinking and learning.

Lizzie is demonstrating how to take a photo2