Light Me Up


Wairakei Primary School has signed up to the “House of Science”. Room 5 children had a chance to play with the electricity kit called “Light Me Up”. The kit had 10 mini kits all with the same equipment in them which enabled us to get into groups of 2 or 3 to experiment with making a torch.

The kits each had a little light bulb, two size D batteries, some tin foil, cardboard, wires and some electrical tape. There were no instructions on how to make a torch so we all had to try different strategies and combinations of how we put the items together and see if we could get the light to go.




Lot’s of conversation and laughs as well as choruses of “Ohhhh, I know…” then trial and error to see if it would work. The teamwork was awesome and we all persevered to keep on trying new ideas. It was really hard without instructions but really made us all think.  


I really liked working with the others and having fun. Kody

I liked working with the electric stuff and trying to make it work. Chaos

I found it really hard and think we might have had flat batteries. Darrius

I liked it because I got some little shocks. Madison

I thought it was really fun and cool. Zaara

Keywords: Science, inquiry, experimenting, teamwork, collaboration

Light it up1