Magical Kiwi Experience

Let me tell you about the most amazing experience I have just had.

An early start on a spectacular Taupo morning was the first highlight for me, a Year 6 student.


DOC Ranger hands the kiwi to Emmeline

The biggest highlight -

I was invited to travel with staff from Contact Energy to collect a baby kiwi from Rainbow Springs in Rotorua. We received a brief tour of the Kiwi Egg Hatching facility and watched as the kiwi was weighed and had it’s health check.

It’s name is ‘Mr Peabody’.


Mr Peabody

Carefully we sat the carry box, with Mr Peabody at my feet and drove back to Taupo where we met staff from DOC and Wairakei Golf Course/Sanctuary.

Ross gave us some kiwi tee Shirts to wear.

A little hiccup was the fire alarm went off as we were just about to drive to the release site.

We hopped in the golf carts and drove to the bush area.


Emmeline with Mr Peabody

I was extremely lucky to be able to hold the kiwi while the DOC Ranger attached the tracker units. Mr Peabody snuggled into me and went to sleep on my lap.

Then we walked into the bush and released Mr Peabody into his new home, a burrow in the undergrowth.

We also went to see the baby fallow deer on the other side of the sanctuary.

He is one happy kiwi and I’m one very lucky and happy girl.

Thank you to Contact and Ms Fitzsimmons and I look forward to seeing Mr Peabody grow and being released back into a forest.


Year 6

Emmeline takes Mr Peabody to be released