Model Planes

Allowing students to manage their learning while making Model Planes.

Room 8’s model planes are apart of Making Our Mark - an inquiry using hands-on experiences to build fine motor skills.

This involved a variety of new skills for Year 3 and 4 students, researching how to create a model plane using ice-block sticks.  The research allowed students to choose from a number of different designs and view videos on how to make the model they chose. The students had to make decisions about whether what they had glued together was going to hold or not and whether or not they should reinforce model with a bit more hot glue or another ice-block stick.  Some students worked in pairs and supported one another to create their model planes by cutting parts for the planes or helping one another use the equipment. Students decided on the contrasting colours they were going to use and designs they were going to add to their model planes.

Jorja and Tori - we found it hard to cut the ice-block sticks for the smaller wing parts on the plane but we helped one another to do this.

Max K. said, I laid my ice-block sticks out first and then glued them together so I new which one I had to glue next.

Baylee said, she was very happy with how her plane turned out because it was like the model plane she researched.

Room 8 students were very self-directed when creating their model planes as they had the skills by the end of this inquiry to research using keywords, painting, using equipment like the hot glue guns and effectively working together with others in the classroom.

Please view our photos here

Carefully painting planes