Nature at our door step, Resourse that inspires

A group of Te Mihi community students had the pleasure, and an amazing experience, of visiting the 3 Art Gallery in Kinloch. We took up this opportunity to explore the variety of art mediums, displays, photographs and woodturning pieces. We were so lucky that the artist and owner of the gallery was Kane’s Grandad, Chris.


Artist 3 Art gallery Creative minds Inspiration

I quite enjoyed that there was different types of art from different types of people, not just one kind. There was lots of different artists. - Kane

This visit encouraged and inspired our students to see beyond and past what some people may see as ugly, rubbish or useless. Chris taught us that “art is like a seed, it can grow into something amazing”.


Wood Turning Plum Tree Stump Slice Beauty

I enjoyed looking at the pens  made from wood and watching him working on the lathe, it was satisfying just watching - Cameron

Our visit to the art gallery demonstrated that nature give us the resources we work with. We saw some photographic images that were beautiful flower petals frozen in water. By doing this the artist/photographer was able to photograph the natural shapes and colours of her piece. The solid bubbles emphasised in the image were just spectacular.


Art Gallery Resourceful Imaginative


Wood sculpture Natural resource Art


Tree wart Natural Vision Art


Natural resources More than we see Vision Creative

I enjoyed how he described the pieces of art, this inspired me for my art for our Te Mihi Expo - Ariana.

Chris, the artist, talked about being a woodturner like being a surgeon. You have tools and precision. He demonstrated his craft in the workshop next door. We were able to see Chris is action as he turned a small, cylinder shaped , tree trunk into a beautify wooden bowl.


Wood turning is like being a surgeon tools precision create


Ready for turning Lathe Ready Set Turn


Spinning Speed Care Precise Art


Almost complete Finishing touches Fascinating


Looks like a dome Heavy Natural wood smell


Inside Time Care Inspired

Everything he made had a back story and it all had a name - Jayda


Beauty Bowl Natural lines Nature


Beauty Art Display Mixed Medium

I enjoyed the different pieces of art, especially the wall art, it inspired me to do something similar to that and create something new for the Expo - Jernelle


Walking stick anyone different designs Creative Thinking

Keywords: Photography, Woodturning, Precision, Nature, Vision, Natural Resources, Creativity

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