Eruption of Science

During our exploration of planet earth and beyond, Room 9 has been looking at the volcanoes and how they occur and what happens.

The understanding of lava flow, reactions, pressure building up and land formation has been exciting and fun for all of us.

We were acting like sciences following instructions and trying things not knowing the outcomes.

We had to get the things we needed and then we followed the steps recording as we went along

Some experiments didn’t work and they were able to discuss the reasons why they thought it might not have worked they reread the steps and worked out where they might have gone wrong.

We made volcanoes in our mouths showing a small example of the reactions that can occur when lava hits the water.


volcano in your mouth micah 1


volacno in your mouth micah 2


mouth volcano


mouth volcano Room 9 ari Hope Amelia

Amelia- it is exploding in my mouth

Ari- It tingles and pops

We made lava in test tubes to so how reactions occur and can move without mixing things.


Lava lava everywhere result


Lava lava everywhere ingredient


lava lava every where


Lava lamp room 9

Maxwell- the colour is just like lava it shows that it moves through the liquid

Luca- The difference between the test tube and real lava is that lava is so hot that water would turn into the stream.

We made pressure inside containers to show what happens inside the volcano when the pressure inside builds up too much it erupts sending ash and lava out of the volcano.


exploding tops


exploding mountain tops room 9


exploding mountain top levi

Zoe- It pushes the container out then the top blows off

Hunter- oh that is so exciting we can blow up a mountain top.

We made volcanic eruption in the sandpit showing the way lava flows out of a volcano.


Sandpit volcano room 9.


Sandpit volcano room 9 ingredient

Lachlan- it is flowing fast down the mountain

Hope- it is bubbling the pressure if I put my hand over it is strong

mouth volcano Room 9 ari Hope Amelia 2