Our Outside Learning Space by the Te Huka Team

An important part of our learning space is the deck areas outside our junior classrooms.  

These spaces become even more important as we learn to work collaboratively across the Te Huka team. The students from Rooms 9, 13 and 14 have been working together to come up with some solutions to the problems we notice in our outside learning space. To educate our school community on how we would like our deck areas to be treated we have had three different groups doing different activities. One group of students have created some signs to remind us of what we need to do in our deck area. Another group have made a movie to educate us.

Our group have made a blog post to help educate and inform our community.

Problem: Untidy Bags

By Jeremy, Emily, Cole



Very messy bags

Untidy bags on our deck are a problem because people can trip over them and bags make the deck smaller because there is less space to sit.  They also make our learning space look terrible.

Possible Solutions

To fix the problem of untidy bags we need to get more hooks for bags because some classes don’t have enough. We could also give students an untidy bags ticket.  If you get a ticket you would have to pick up rubbish all around the school so that you learn to be a tidy kiwi.  We could reward those who do have a tidy bag with a power award.

Problem: Birds Pooping on the Decks

By Elliot, Max K, Clare, Vincent



The bird poop problem

Birds pooping on our decks is a problem because it could get into our lunch or on our hands and we could eat it and then we would get sick.  It is also not very nice to sit on bird poop.  It is yucky and slimy.

Possible Solutions

To stop the problem of birds pooping on our deck we are going to make bird scarers and build scarecrows.  We hope these things will scare away the birds that are nesting in our roof.


These are the bird scarers that Elliot made

Problem: Rubbish on the Decks

By Jorja, Piper, Tia



Lunch rubbish left on our deck

Rubbish on our decks is a problem because people can trip over it. Animals could try to eat it and they could get sick.  Our school is an enviro school and rubbish looks terrible.

Possible Solutions

To solve the problem of rubbish on our decks we could do a rubbish pick up everyday. We can also remind each other to put our lunch rubbish back into our lunchbox or a rubbish bin.  We could also make some no littering signs.

Problem: Noise on the Decks

By Lennox


Lots of noise on the decks is a problem because it can distract students inside the classrooms who are working quietly.

Possible Solutions

To solve the problem of noise on the decks we could have signs reminding people to be quiet because it is a learning area.

Problem: Leaking Roof

By Ashtin and Tyler


The roof leaks, especially over Room 14, on rainy day. This is a problem because our bags and sometimes even library books get wet.

Possible Solutions

At the moment on very rainy days we take our bags into the space outside the toilets. The solution for this problem is to get the roof fixed.

Problem: Running on the Decks

By Baylee, Eden, Tori



Sometimes people just run right over the top of us_

Running on the decks is a big problem because it makes it unsafe for other deck users.  People that are running can crash into others and they can also trip over.  Sometimes we notice whole classes running through our deck area.

Possible Solutions

Some Te Huka students are making signs to remind people to slow down. We would also like to make a round the back race track behind Rooms 13 and 14 for people that would like to run.  


Here are some of the new signs for our deck areas

Sometimes people just run right over the top of us 2