Passions in Science in Room 7

We are sharing our Passion for Science. Our teacher Mrs Woolnough loves doing science experiments in class as this is her passion.

We had the opportunity to discover “change”  following along the guidelines in the science curriculum.

Material world: Students will:

Properties and changes of matter: Observe, describe, and compare physical and chemical properties of common materials and changes that occur when materials are mixed, heated, or cooled.

Chemistry and society

Find out about the uses of common materials and relate these to their observed properties.

First of all, we copied the ingredients into our Inquiry books

For this, we made some sherbet from ingredients. 

Our task was to add ingredients from a list, and mix these together and see what changes occur.

This was a tasting experiment and you will see from the photos the expressions on our faces as we tried tasting the finished product.


Darrius not really sure about the taste!


The bitter/sour taste had Lenox going!


Cohen checking on Lenox as the face says it all!


Micah thought it was great as it fizzed on his tongue!


Lots of bubbles and fizzing on Asharntays tongue!


Cooper enjoyed this experiment but not sure what Mum will say about the ingredients on his uniform!


Some of our thoughts and ideas about what actually happened with this experiment.




Our success criteria was that we all survived the experiments and had fun with our learning during the afternoon.

IMG 20180824 143622