PE, Health and Wellbeing

For Physical Education Poihipi has rotated around 3 teachers with children working on large ball skills. I am teaching children the basics of throwing and catching and different ways this can be achieved. I’m trying to use catchy phrases like ‘fingers to the floor’ and ‘raise the roof’ to help children remember different techniques to help them achieve success.

"Fingers to the floor’" was a phrase used to remind children to nicely lob the ball to someone else so they have time to catch it. "Raise the roof" was a phrase used to teach children how to throw a ball higher, which is the same as the technique for shooting a basketball. Children had to have a ball sitting on the palm of their hand with knees bent. As children extended their knees they were encouraged to push up and out with their ball carrying arm at the same time, releasing the ball forward and up.

View our photos of children practising their throwing and catching here.

Poihipi children had the opportunity to mix with other children during Kapahaka. Children that did not join Kapahaka got to choose between doing yoga with myself, or team challenges with Mrs Griffin. In yoga, we focused on wellbeing, physical fitness and having fun.


Health and Well Being

This is what some of the children had to say about their yoga experiences.

I like listening to the stories

It’s relaxing

It’s nice and quiet

It is good for our bodies

It helps us get better at stretching

View our photos of children practising their yoga here.

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