Pp is for Pizza

In Room 10 we are learning our letters and sounds so that we can begin to write simple sentences.

We learnt about ‘P’ for pizza. We started by discussing what pizza is made of and how we all love a piece every now and then.

As three separate groups, we then made our own group pizzas. We took turns to spread the tomato paste, grate the cheese, tear up the ham, and cut the fresh tomatoes. This helps us to develop our fine motor skills.

As the pizzas were baking we started our writing about our pizza making experience and tidied up the mess we had created. We took turns to help collect, wash and dry dishes and cutlery. Once we could see the cheese was melted and the edge of the bases was turning brown we decided the pizzas were ready to eat.

The fairest way to cut the pizzas was into 8 pieces each. We started by cutting each pizza into a half, then into quarters and then finally into 8ths. We all enjoyed a piece of pizza during brain break which we agreed tasted cheesy and delicious.