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Rolling into Technology

For our 'Mall in the Hall', a few businesses have decided to make food products. So room 9 looked for a simple recipe and looked at what it would cost... Read more about 'Rolling into Technology'...

Rolling into technology Nathan counting out cookies

Currency converters

Ranging from famous rugby players, marlin, and a hammer and sickle. This feed our curiosity and we decided to create our own new banknotes. Read more about 'Currency converters'...

Currency converters examining the real thing 1

Going, Going, Gone

Being such a foreign concept for some children to understand we went real world for us all, we created our own little economy. Read more about 'Going, Going, Gone'...

going going gone market place4

Plastic can be fantastic

We started to look at the life of plastic, the uses of plastic.

Read more about 'Plastic can be fantastic'...

plastic creations cat feeder

Splashing into safety

Swimming is beneficial for our social and physical well-being. We all improved our ability to swim within our two weeks. Read more about 'Splashing into safety'...

Splashing into safety rockets

Eruption of Science

The understanding of lava flow, reactions, pressure building up and land formation has been exciting and fun for all of us. Read more about 'Eruption of Science'...

mouth volcano Room 9 ari Hope Amelia 2

Aratiatia Athletics

The day brought a lot of support and fun for our Aratiatia athletics middle school day.

Read more about 'Aratiatia Athletics'...

Aratiatia Athletics Day vortex Amelia2

Reading is fun

We have been discovering the importance of remembering to give enough information to our reading.

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Step one colour the ants in red and black Grayson In the Ant reading book2