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Egg Carton Workshop

Reid G. I solved the problem by using an array and looking at it and saying one bite at a time. I added up the base, arms and back separately. Read more about 'Egg Carton Workshop'...

Egg Carton Couch workshop 1

Cultural Games

We started by discussing how did the sport of javelin become a professional sport and an Olympic sport? What started with ancient hunters throwing spears to see who could throw... Read more about 'Cultural Games'...

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Minecraft Education

We see Minecraft as a 21st-century learning tool that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving with the only limit being the child’s imagination. Read more about 'Minecraft Education'...

The Wonder Project Rocket Challenge

The Rocket Challenge is the first programme in the Wonder Project family. It’s designed to get young Kiwis excited and wondering about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Read more about 'The Wonder Project Rocket Challenge'...

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Chariots of Fire

Students who participate in STEAM learning: Read more about 'Chariots of Fire'...

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Write your own story

We have learned to construct text through a deliberate choice of content, language and text form.

Read more about 'Write your own story'...

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Integrated Inquiry Planet Earth and Beyond

Recently we have been looking at the water crisis going on in the world and how it affects people trapped in it and how lucky we are to have clean drinkable water piped to our homes.

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Area and perimeter using Sphero

There are three ways to program the robots, draw a shape using your finger, drag and drop block code and JavaScript for the more advanced coders.

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Area and perimeter7

Tractor Pull

We are now the proud owners of 12 Sphero Robots.

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Tractor pull 3