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The purpose for this is to make, name and recognise wholes, halves, thirds, fifths, and tenth parts of a variety of objects. Read more about 'Fractions '...

Creating pizzas 4 1 2

Seed Germination

Room 13 have been focusing on the living world and the life processes of plants. We undertook to germinate a bean or pea seed by wrapping them in a damp... Read more about 'Seed Germination'...

Quick grow punets 2

Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere

They performed a play called “Te Kuia me te Pūngāwerewere” which is about a kuia and a spider who had been living together and always argued about who was the... Read more about 'Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere'...

Kuia Spider 15

Technology: Earthquake machine

Room 13 was excited to experience new technology developed by Quakecore N.Z who are world-leading researchers in earthquake resilience. Read more about 'Technology: Earthquake machine'...

Hoping it will stay together

Bright and Beautiful Mexican Art

Room 13’s country is Mexico and the students were able to explore and observe some of this countries artwork. Read more about 'Bright and Beautiful Mexican Art'...

Sombrero art 10

Step by Step, Little by Little

We wish students to acquire and begin to use sources of information and processes, to identify and express ideas when writing. Read more about 'Step by Step, Little by Little'...

Making butter Our results No 2

Science - Planet Earth and Beyond

Room 13 have wondered about and observed the various phenomena that the Sun and Moon create and have gathered a number of facts about the solar system and its planets.

Read more about 'Science - Planet Earth and Beyond'...

Using book creator for our inquiry 4

We have created a Treaty

We also made connections to the importance and history of the Treaty of Waitangi

Read more about 'We have created a Treaty'...

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Warm and Cool Colours

We drew a moon face shape in the centre and added facial characteristics like a nose, eyes and a mouth

Read more about 'Warm and Cool Colours'...

Artwork warm and cool colours Photo 7