R7 Matariki

We were given some tasks to complete to practice our self-management skills. We did these over 4 days.

Here is a selection of some of the activities that we completed.

Firstly we had the option of choosing which activity we wanted to do first.

The tasks and activities covered our curriculum areas of Mathematics including angles and symmetry; The Arts which enabled us to create a Maori carving out of salt dough; Visual Art which gave us the scope to create pictures which included the seven sisters of Matariki; English because we had to read and follow instructions.

We also had to make a kite which was really tricky and we had the help of Jackie who helped us sort out the instructions.

On completing each task we had to sign this off and our teacher also did this. We had to manage our time and commitment to each activity to ensure these tasks were completed into our Inquiry books.

It was a fun thing to do-Jahreon

We could choose the colours and glitter we used-Ashleigh

I loved making my salt dough carving-Tia

It was tricky to copy the symmetry pattern-Alex

I couldn’t put the string through the hole because the paint covered it-Micah


We made these creations then Mrs Woolnough baked them for us


we had to make sure we coloured in all the angles we created for our star


We created these pastel pictures on black paper then added the Matariki stars with glitter so the seven sisters were represented


using maths angles and rulers to create our Matariki star


the seven sisters were added to our pictures by adding glitter


Showing our finished Maori carvings that we created and then we painted some of them


practicing our weaving skills as part of our Matariki focus


more amazing art work


glitter made our art work special


following instructions using salt dough to create our Maori carvings


creating a Symmetry pattern of the Matariki stars with our maths focus


creating a 3D Matariki star by choosing 5 different colours


activities and tasks to complete as part of our self management learning skills

Showing our finished Maori carvings that we created and then we painted some of them 2