Racing into BMX passion

During our inquiry into our classes vast passions, we were able to organise for a group of young people within the Ohaaki team to share their passion for BMX with other children who were interested in BMXing.

Cath from Bike Taupo meets a group of 15 children at the BMX track where they explored, and emersed themselves in the world of BMX.

This experience gave them a chance to demonstrated their use of the Wairakei Power as well as their key competency Managing ourselves in a different environment and working alongside others to give it a go.


Racing into BMX passion Declyn passionate


Racing into BMX passion encouraging each other





Racing into BMX passion showing managing self

They were able to share their experience with enough excitement and enthusiasm that we even managed to get a Nana Bev to give it a go.


Racing into BMX passion nana having a goRacing-into-BMX-passion-nana-having-a-go-2.JPG


This group of children was able to demonstrate their ability to use the key competency Participating and Contributing, having a sense of belonging and the confidence to participate in new situations. While being able to manage themselves by acting appropriately when confronted with a variety of different challenges within this settings.  Showing an awareness of their actions towards others. They learned that being supportive and encouraging made the experience more enjoyable for all.










How did you demonstrate the key competencies within this different but exciting environment?

Jack- It was a bit scary, but I gave it a go. Nana was able to try too after we all gave it ago.

Vincent- It is a good idea to give new things a go while making sure we listen and think about what could happen if we are silly.

Lennox-Being trusted to by Whaea Angel to listen, give it a go and show power is very important if I want to more fun things, When we don’t manage ourselves we miss out on important information or activities.

Ashe- We had fun at the BMX track. I was able to show POWER by listening to all adults and the other students, watching what the others were doing, learning the rules so we remained safe and being supportive to everyone as we all can do different things.

Declyn-I was able to follow instructions, this is important as what I do might hurt myself or someone else.

Racing to the Top video here

The children were able to turn the adventure into a learning story to share with their classes.

Ohaaki Team would like to say a massive thank you to Whaea Cath from bike Taupo for your amazing dedication, fun while you shared your passion with us.


Racing into BMX passion showing Power


Keywords: passion projects, inquiry, exploration, student agency, design, Key Competencies: Participating and Contributing and Managing self.

Racing into BMX passion showing Power2