Reporters Club 2018

The 2018 Reporters Club is well underway and the students are starting to research some very interesting topics.

James and Emma have been working with the Enviro group looking at the amount of waste the school produces in a single day and what we can do about it. 


Waste Audit report 2018

By James and Emma.

The Envio group completed our annual Waste Audit. The School carries out a waste audit each year to find out how much rubbish we produce each day.

We worked for one hour sorting rubbish into bins then weighed each bin at the end to see how much the school has wasted.

There were 521 pieces of plastic, mostly chip packets, that is 1.47 plastic food wrappers per child per day.

We also found 36 whole food pieces. Please tell your kids to take food waste and plastics home we would love to have a cleaner healthier school.

We hope that next year there will be a lot less rubbish than 2018.


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