Room 12 Treaty

What is a treaty?

“It is an agreement between people and how they will work together so there is no fighting.”

Zoe B

Room 12 has been working on developing a treaty so our classroom is a safe and happy learning environment where everyone is treated fairly.

It has been quite a process. Students have worked collaboratively in groups to determine where some problem areas were and what could be put in place to remedy this. After sharing these ideas a list was created and students decided which items were necessary to keep and which ones could be discarded. They were asked to explain their thinking behind their reasoning.

“Use a quiet voice inside because loud voices hurt my ears. I need quiet voices so I can hear and learn,” Taylor C

“Walking feet in the classroom means that nobody gets hurt.” Lizzie H

“Take risks and try new things so you can learn to do new things in your life.” Zoe R

“Do your best work so you can learn to be smart.” Evie R

“Be ready to learn. We left it in so the teacher doesn’t have to keep reminding you to get your stuff.” Zoe R

“Do your best work so you can write nicely and like a grown-up.” Nelson

After deciding what to keep in the treaty the groups attempted to put the items in order of importance and they compared their ideas with another group. The next step is to make a final copy of our treaty and sign it so we are all committed to honouring what is written. To honour our treaty we will use the POWER that we have within as we learn and grow together.


Deciding what treaty items are needed


Putting our treaty in order


Working collaboratively


Comparing the order of two different groups


Deciding that the treaty item was O for Opportunity


Deciding that treaty item was R for Respect

5 Deciding that the treaty item was O for Opportunity