Room 13 Take Over

One of our class friends needed to go home because she wasn’t feeling very well. Luckily Miss Woodcock had already put out our maths activities so while she was talking with our friend’s mum we set to work choosing an activity to do.


Skip Counting Backwards

When Miss Woodcock had finished we were all very busy and engaged in our chosen tasks. We had all chosen activities that help us towards our next maths learning goals such as practising skip counting in 2s, subitizing, addition or putting numbers in order forwards and backwards.


Adding in the Odd Numbers


Katelyn and Emily_s Pattern

Isla, Victoria, Tessa, Haylen and Amaya worked with the caterpillar numbers, using them to practice their skip counting in 2s. First, they counted forwards, then they counted backwards (because that is what they are practising). With the odd numbers that were left out, they put these above the even numbers, realising that this is another way to skip count in 2s.


Subitizing Practice

Emily and Katelyn were practising put their numbers in order going backwards, starting first at 10 then starting at 20. They noticed that a pattern when they lined their teen numbers under the one's number.


Building a Staircase and Adding Dominoes

Building a unifix staircase is popular as we are learning how to make a group of 10s and 1s (teen numbers and addition).


Isaac_s Addition

Lots of us like to practising adding two groups together using dice or dominoes - for many of us we are practising counting on from the biggest number (because we know we don’t have to count all the dots anymore).


Riley_s Addition

Te Ramaroa is enjoying copying out his stories and practising writing all the way across the page.


Te Ramaroa Practising Copying a Story

Miss Woodcock is very proud of us and how we are beginning to take responsibility for our learning.

3. Subitizing Practice