Room 3's Nature Corner

In Room 3 we have a fantastic nature corner and science table.  

Each morning we rush in to see what has happened overnight. Sometimes we have caterpillars that have made chrysalises. Sometimes a butterfly has emerged from a chrysalis overnight and we watch it dry its wings and then set it free. We always rush to the tadpole tank and check out what is new in there. It’s exciting when one of our froglets has sprouted front legs, or a tail has disappeared and we have a frog to release.


Our nature area has inspired many great class discussions and lots of questions.  Mrs Thompson told us that good scientists ask questions and then they observe, experiment and research to find out the answers.  We created a ‘Wonder Wall’ where we wrote all of our wonders and then published our writing for on the wall. We hope to find the answers by observing our nature table closely and researching during reading time.


Room 3 s wonder wall

Every day we bring in new ‘treasures’ to share with the class and add to the nature table display.  Ava brought in a huge bowl of cicada shells, Macy and Tori brought in a moth, Imogen brought in a green caterpillar and a cocoon, Quianah brought in an interesting rock with crystals, Ashton brought in a skin that his lizard had shed. Other children have brought in dead insects like katydids, moths, huhu beetles, crickets, bumble bees…

Our favourite ‘treasure’ so far is a jaw bone that Lachie found. He showed us how you can pull out the teeth! We are not sure what animal it is from, but we decided it must be a carnivorous animal, as the teeth look very sharp. This led to a great discussion about what a carnivore is. A few weeks later we made connections when one reading group read about carnivorous plants and Clare discovered that the ‘mystery plant’ in the science corner is actually a carnivorous ‘pitcher plant’. Clare, Ava, Imogen, Piper, and Emily made posters about carnivorous plants and shared them with the class. We were surprised that plants could eat meat!


Pitcher plant posters


Imogen showing us her green caterpillar


Macey and Tori showing us their moth

Please pop in and check out our table of treasures. You can learn about water boatmen from our experts, Dallas and Charlie.  You might even spot one in the tadpole tank! Jack can tell you all about frogs, as they are his passion. Victoria is our rock expert.  Ask Piper or Clare about the mystery plant and how it catches bugs. You can read our wonders and talk to our many other ‘experts’. All the children would love to teach you the interesting facts that they have learned and show you their treasures.


Treasures in our nature corner


Mystery plant

Imogen showing us her green caterpillar