Sharing is Caring

In Room 9 we have been practising being kind and caring - helping others by sharing what we know, being patient and understanding.

This term we have been able to practice and extend our caring is sharing lessons to Room 7 and Room 12.


Sharing is caring Vincent Room 7 LiteracySharing-is-caring-room-12-Literacy.jpeg

Room 9 have been using 'Book Creator' and really enjoy the opportunity to create informative and creative books to share with everyone. Teaching other children how to craft their own amazing electronic books, has resulted in some fantastic shared experiences.


Jeremy- My Room 12 buddy was very quiet but once i knew what she liked we were able to create a book all about unicorns. It is not something i would of looked up for my own book.


Jeremy- she then shared her comic book around their trip to the gym place and i helped her to change the things she didn’t know how to.


Sharing is caring book creator


Sharing is caring Room 7 BrookeSharing-is-caring-Brooke-Literacy.jpeg

Brooke- I found it easier to work with Room 12 as they had already started creating a book. Room 7 were fun and made really cool books. I love helping to make the books wish i could do all my learning by making books.


Vincent- I like it when i know something that i can share with someone else, it feels good when they can do it in the end.


Sharing is caring ClareSharing-is-caring-Clare-Literacy-3.jpeg


Clare- My room 12 buddy had too many ideas and couldn’t decide on what she wanted to make a book on. I had to keep asking her what she likes or what she wanted to make a book on. Her book ended up cool, she put photos on and changed the fonts and sizes. She was able to show me how to make a comic book we hadn’t learnt that yet and it was cool as it had cool stickers you could add.


Sharing is caring AshSharing-is-caring-Ash-Literacy-.jpeg

Ash- I liked working with my partner, she was funny.

Ashe- It got a bit tricky when i didn’t know what to do next thankfully whaea Angel knew and we were off again. Her book was funny.

By teaching their peers they were able to exchange knowledge and make their own learning more concrete. They had to be able to manage themselves and their partner while thinking about what they were planning to make at the end of the session.  


Keywords: passion projects, student agency, Literacy, ICT, creativity,  visual arts.

Sharing is caring Clare Literacy