Silly Sentences

As part of our literacy learning Room 14 has been writing silly sentences using CVC words.

Here are some examples:

The fat cat sat on the cat.

Mum got a wig and then did a jig.

Dip the chip in the red dip.

The cat is not fat but the hen is not thin.

CVC is an acronym for consonant - vowel - consonant.  These words are easy to segment and blend (or we call it robot).  We can use our robot to read and write these words.

First, Mrs Sprague will write a silly sentence on the whiteboard.  Next, we read the sentence. If there are any words we don’t know in the sentence we use our robot to sound out the words and work them out.  When we can all read the sentence, Mrs Sprague rubs the sentence off the whiteboard. We then say the sentence as we write it on our whiteboards.  If there are any words we don’t know how to spell we use our robots to sound them out.

After we have written the silly sentence we re-read it to check we have got it right.  If we have made a mistake we have a go at fixing it. We know that mistakes are part of learning and that by fixing them we are growing our brains.  We also check that we have started our sentence with a capital letter and ended it with a full stop. We also check that we have left finger spaces between our words and only used lowercase letters for the rest of our sentence.  Lastly we check that all our letters are formed correctly and are written around the right way. We know we need to do all these things so that others can read our writing.

It is amazing so much learning can be done from something so silly.

Lastly, if we are speedy, we have a go at writing our own silly sentence for others to read.


Emma and her silly sentence, look how she has started with a capital letter and ended with a fullstop


Emma with her list of robot, we have been focusing on the digraph sounds of sh th and ch

I like to do my finger spaces and do the letters the right way around.  Emma D

I like to doing the robot so we know how to spell that word.  Macey

I like doing silly sentences because they help us learn.  Eden

I think silly sentences are funny because of the bog.  Liam


Jessie made up and wrote this silly sentence herself

I have been trying really hard to get my letters around the right way when I write my silly sentence.  Jessie


Te Omeka and his silly sentence, notice how all his letters are formed correctly


Arkayzhia and her silly sentence


Caleb and his robot words


Daniel with a silly sentence that he made up and wrote


Kenzie - silly sentences are fun


Maxwell and his robot words. Sh, th and ch are digraphs - two letter that make one sound together


Tori and her list of robot words

Te Omeka and his silly sentence notice how all his letters are formed correctly