Skype a scientist

Exploring the countries has lead Room 9 into wondering what makes some countries green and rich in resources and others dry and hungry. This inquiry sprouted from our Skype a scientist Priyanka Kushwaha a microbiologist from Arizona






We started our journey watching a few videos to come up with our extensive list of questions for our scientist.

We encountered some internet problems with our skype call so we asked the remaining questions via video messages, Room 9 is a very inquisitive group of mini scientist.

Watch our Skype a scientist video messages here

Here are a few of our classes wonderings

Brooke- I wonder how exactly do bacteria protect plants?

Jeremy- I wonder how do bacteria exactly get into the plant's roots? Do they have teeth?

Lennox- I wonder can plants co-exist? If so do the different plants have different microorganism? And if they do do they fight each other?




Video to text conversation

Cole- I wonder how long can bacteria survive? Are bacteria bigger than an atom?

Luca- I wonder  what is a hormone for plants

Vincent- I wonder how or when do they plants send their hormones out?

Kora- I wonder if we don't find a way how long do your scientist predict we have before we run out of food?

Blake-  I wonder how long are most plants roots?

Quaniah- I wonder can all plants grow in the same kind of soil? Are there different bugs in Arizona than in New Zealand?

Clare- I wonder what can we do to help prevent us from running out of food?

Tyler- I wonder how do you know which bacteria is causing which problem for the plants since there are millions of them?

Alexis- I wonder can the bacteria and other organisms from the plant cause issues for humans or animals?


Interesting, we found out alot about soil and plants that are in our own backyard.

We discovered

Cole- Did you know there are over 1 million micro bacteria living in one spoon full of dirt. And that bacterial is made up of lot molecules which are made up of atoms. So bacteria cannot be smaller than an atom

Clare- Did you know that they predict we will run out of food by 2050 if we don't come up with resources and control population growth, that is only 32 years away.

Tyler- Did you know that in soils, bacteria grow by using nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, salts from the surrounding soils.

Luca- You can add things to the soil to help it grow.

Blake- Not all plants need the same bacteria.

We definitely learnt a lot from our scientist friend, we learnt where on the map she was, we learnt the time difference.

Ashe- Did you know that when we called our scientist it was Tuesday at 2 pm for us and Monday 6 pm for Miss Kushwasha. They are 20 hours behind us.

Chelsea- that means we get Christmas first.

Meeting professional’s and scientists from other fields and countries helps to broaden our knowledge and plants seeds of aspirations and intriguing wonderings that will help develop room 9 children into becoming amazing next generational thinkers.

Leaning us on to our next blog instalment call Rock my world.


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