We have had lots of fun with different sports groups coming in and teaching us new skills. We have had the chance to play badminton (Sport Waikato) and touch rugby (Youthtown).

First of all, we have a chat about what they are going to do with us.  Then we get to practice the core skills of the sport. Once we have done that a few times in different ways we get to play a game against the other kids in our class. Hopefully, we all remember the skills we have just practised.

I had to concentrate hard so the shuttle didn’t fall off my racquet – Izayleah

I got my shuttle into the bucket, which was fun – Victor



I liked doing the drills for touch rugby – James

Catch Lennox! – Aarion






We learnt:

  • To work as a team.

  • The importance of practising our skills before we play a game.

  • To have fun.

  • To keep trying if you drop the ball.

Photo 4