Starfish, Rockets and Rolling Torpedos

We look forward to our two-week block of swimming lessons. We catch the bus to the pools each day and take part in ability based lessons in four different swimming groups.   


Water safety learning at the AC Baths

The swimming teachers instruction is always lots of fun and there is new swimming vocabulary introduced to us. We blow bubbles and do starfish on our front and back. We learn to do the rocket and then big circle arms. We learn to scull on our backs and do rolling torpedos. We dive underwater to collect objects from the bottom of the pool and we even swim through hoops.


The swimming teacher demonstrating the freestyle breathing technique


Swimming lessons ready for action


Rocket on back

On the final day of swimming lessons we part take in a really exciting water safety experience. Once we have the correct sized life jacket on we learn how to enter the water by falling onto our back (this is how we would exit a boat in an emergency). We learn to make a huddle and to travel together in a train. We also learn the one arm in the air signal for help.


These girls are making excellent progress


Ready for a fun game


Practicing big cirlce arms


Listening and watching the swimming teacher

Here is some of our recount story writing about our swimming lessons:

School Swimming is when we learn to swim a the AC Baths.  We need to learn to swim so we don’t drown. By Tori

School swimming is at the AC Baths.  We have to learn how to swim. Yesterday I learnt how to do the doggy paddle.  Annoyingly, the roadworks took too long for us to get back to school. By Zahn

School swimming is fun.  Some of Room 9 come with us.  I learnt to swim on my back. We need to learn to swim so if a ship crashes we can do what we got taught.  Unfortunately, we got stuck in traffic because someone might of crashed and had to go to hospital. By Arkayzhia

School swimming is important because we have to know how to swim to be safe.  At swimming I did the rocket. We have to put our arms up by our ears and then we have to lean forward and kick our feet.  By Lachlan

School swimming is when you go to the AC Baths to learn how to swim.  We learn how to swim incase something happens. Yesterday our swimming teacher through little hoops in the deep water and we dived into the water and put them on our heads and swum all the way to the wall.  Annoyingly, boring road works nearly ment the bus didn't get us back to school. By Eden

School swimming is when we learn to swim in case we get bored at school.  At swimming I did sculling. This is how you do sculling, your hands go in and out.  Annoyingly the roadworks stopped us from getting back to school on time. By Daniel

Water Safety learning the huddle