Super Statistics Stats

A focus of our maths learning for the term so far has been on statistics.

We have learnt how to record information on a bar graph by counting and recording information. We practised this by counting how many of each shape was in the picture and then colouring in up to the correct numbered square.


Graphing shapes


Graphing dice rolls

We had another practice at recording our own statistical information by throwing a dice 10 times. Each time we rolled the dice we had to record the number shown on the dice. Our results were all different but we noticed that many of us had dice rolls 4, 5 and 6 as being the most popular.


Our statistics language


Taking statistics

We are learning to use the correct language when talking about statistics - we have “gathered” and “collected data” (information). We have talked about the most common and popular and the least common. We have learnt to say statements such as: “more people have blonde hair than black hair” and “fewer people have green eyes than have brown or blue eyes”.

We are also learning how to record the information efficiently by using tally marks.



Our next learning is to make our own graphs and to read graphs made by other people.

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