Catching Snowflakes

Warm jerseys, gloves, scarves and beanies were part of our daily wardrobe. We could see snow on the mountains behind Lake Taupō-nui-a Tia. Read more about 'Catching Snowflakes'...

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Beautiful Ngahura Leaves

The effects of time passing are part of our daily lives. Room 11 observed the passing of time when the seasons changed from Summer/Raumati to Autumn/Ngahuru. Read more about 'Beautiful Ngahura Leaves'...

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Y is for yacht

In Room 15 learning is fun! We learn our letter-sounds by creating and making things.

Read more about 'Y is for yacht'...

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Better Than a Selfie

Goal setting has been a focus for all students in Room 11

Read more about 'Better Than a Selfie'...

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