Te Huka Positive Learning Communities

This term the Te Huka Team (Room’s 9, 13 & 14) are basing their inquiry around building positive learning communities.

Our driving question is: How can I contribute to a positive learning community?  Our focus key competency is relating to others and our goal for our students is to learn to work collaboratively. Being able to work collaboratively is a very important skill for the 21st-century learner.

In Room 14 we have started our inquiry by doing some cooperative partner activities with balls.  The idea was to work with your partner to carry both small and large balls in different ways.  We had lots of fun with these challenges.  We plan to share these challenges with the rest of our junior school during Discovery.  

We were learning about teamwork.  Asharntay

We learnt about not giving up and working with a partner.  Elliot

We have been learning to work with anyone not just our friends.  Max K

We learnt teamwork and helping other people.  Blake

We had to be cooperative.  Lizzie

We learnt the difference between positive and negative behaviour and talk.  Vincent

Using the big ball was easier.  Tori

We were learning to do tricky things with balls.  Piper

We swapped balls and used big and little.  Te Whetu

We had to put our feet on the wall and roll the ball across.  This was hard.  Clare

Declyn and I were trying to both throw and catch a ball at the same time.  Darrius

Casey and I thought it was easier with the small ball.  Lexi

Me and Blake tried to move two balls at once, one with our heads and one with our tummies.  Max H


We are cooperatively passing the ball along the wall with our feet_


Tricky - looks like the ball is about to drop!


Quianah and Tori carrying the ball between their tummies_


Quianah and Tori carrying the ball between their foreheads_


Patrick and Keanu working together


Max K and Ellilot carefully walking with the small ball between their feet


Max H and Blake carrying the ball between their tummies


Lexi and Casey carrying the ball between their backs.


Clare and Piper carrying the ball between their backs

We are cooperatively passing the ball along the wall with our feet