Te Huka Team Airport Trip

Our trip was awesome. The Te Huka team went to visit the Taupo Airport.  We have been learning about flight this term so a trip to the airport was a great celebration to end our inquiry.  

First, we went to visit the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter. Nate, the pilot, talked to our group about how helicopters fly and the important work the rescue helicopter does to help people. He showed us the helicopter, answered our questions and he was impressed with our knowledge about flight.  After visiting the helicopter we went

After visiting the helicopter we went into the airport and watched an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland land. We ate our lunch at the airport and watched as the passengers and bags got off the plane. We watched all the different jobs that happen at the airport.  We thought it was very interesting. The two pilots from the plane came and talked to our group and answered our questions.  Lots of us would now like to become pilots when we grow up.  Lastly, we watched the plane taxi out to the runway and take off back to Auckland. We learnt it only takes 42 minutes to get to Auckland on a plane. Wow, much faster than driving.

Special thanks to parents for transporting and supervising students.  We cannot do these experiences without you.  And to Kim, from Taupo Airport, Nate, from the rescue helicopter and the Air New Zealand pilots.  Thank you very much for having us, talking to us and keeping us safe at the airport.

Watch our video here

I really liked when Nate showed us how the little propeller on the tail of the helicopter turned at the same time as the big one on the top.  Lennox

I liked watching the plane coming in while we ate our lunch.  Darrius

Nate talked to us about how helicopters work and how to fly them.  Lexi

I went with Te Whetu’s mum and she gave us a lollipop in the truck.  It was delicious.  Vincent

At the airport I saw the plane my mum went on.  Casey

I guessed the right number of candles that the helicopter’s search light is equal to.  It was one million candles bright.  I also liked it when we got to stand by the helicopter and have a photo.  Clare

I liked seeing the Air New Zealand plane take off.  Max H

The noise of the plane when it was coming into park hurt my ears.  Tori


The pilots from the AirNZ plane talk to us and answer our questions


Nate the rescue helicopter pilot talks to our group


Here are Rooms 9_ 13 and 14 in front of the rescue helicopter

Here are Rooms 9 13 and 14 in front of the rescue helicopter