In Room 4 we are learning all about measurement and geometry. Our goal was to be able to create our very own ruler to be able to measure things.

Firstly we talked about the different measurements and different ways things could be measured. For example a ruler and how there are different measurements on it cm and mm. We looked at what the difference between the two were we found out that 1 cm is equal to 10mm. We then looked at different equipment we could use around our classroom to measure with, ideas were: counters, connector blocks, books and rulers.

We decided we would make a ruler out of counters

We were each given a piece of paper and some counters, the aim was to make a ruler using ten counters, then we had to use our ruler to measure how far our counter went.

Sounds easy - Oscar



It was interesting seeing the different way the children were creating their ruler, each group had a ‘mini teacher’ that had the responsibility to teach their group. It was important that we had the correct labels on our ruler when it came to play our game of tiddlywinks.


Try not to make a gap between the counters - Nelson

Watch our Tiddlywinks video here

When we looked at the measurements more closely we were able to identify if we had use the counters correctly to measure. For some of us we had to look at our ruler and make a judgement if it was ten counters long or did we take a guess. We talked about how we need to measure twice and cut once as it could affect the length of our ruler.

I can use my ruler to measure how long my table is said - Blake

Here are some of our final rulers




Keywords: Measurement, Length, Cm, mm

2019 Aratiatia Tiddlywinks 7